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Warning: I love unabashedly and fully
- I probably love a character you dislike -
Haters leave your hate at the door or don't come in.

I'm a 20-something female getting my Masters in English at a not-top University. This blog began (oh so long ago) as a literal journal, a private space to write in (born and bred Mormon - could never quite kick the obsessive need to journal EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE, even after declaring self Atheist Pagan) but within a couple of years became mostly a fandom spot. I'm a Literature person (and a Theory-head to boot) so sometimes I will get a little... nutty about things - particularly TV.

THESIS: Currently working on (/talking about working on) the dynamics of fanfiction and Buffy - particularly focusing on Dawn. If you want to talk to me about how much you (a) love/hate Joss (b) love/hate fandom (c) love/hate writing (d) LOVE Dawn's cute little mug OR any combination of these .... right now this is what I live for :)

Most postings are Open - I'm not really afraid of lurkers (especially since most of the time - I am one!) - except those personal or directed to my flist especially. HOWEVER! Feel free to friend me, I may not friend back right away unless you comment/talk to me regularly - or I've seen your shiny self around. Feel free to comment here if you have any questions or just want me to know who you are!!! *waves* Hello stalkers!

That inevitable list of fandoms and ships:

[I ship things sometimes]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn, Faith, Tara, Anya, Spike, Ford, Willow, Buffy
Dawn/Spike (friendship)

Angel the Series
Cordy, Fred, Wesley, Lilah, Illyria, Spike

The Vampire Diaries
Elena, Caroline, Jeremy, Anna, Katherine, Rebekah,Katherine

Sydney, Spydaddy, Sark
Jack/his face

Merlin, Morgan

Dance Academy
Abby, Kat, Christian

Doctor Who
10, 11, Amelia Pond, Rory Pond, River Song, Martha, Clara, Tardis

Gossip Girl
Jenny, Blair

Rachel, Kurt, Burt, Puck, Quinn, Santana
Rachel/Kurt (friendship)

Game of Thrones
Arya, Sansa, Dani

Hart of Dixie
Lemon, Zoe, Levon, Wade


Dean, Jo, Bela, Anna, Ruby
Dean/his Grim Reaper

Jade, Cat, Beck, Tori

Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex Russo

Twin Peaks
Audrey Horne

Isabel, Maria, Kyle, Michael, Tess, alt!Tess, future!Max

Kate, Cassidy, Juliet, Sayid, Shannon, Jack, Sawyer, Ben, Jin
Jack/Ana Lucia

Once Upon a Time
Regina, Ruby, Emma, Pan, Belle, Hook

Veronica Mars
Veronica, Mac, Weevil, Logan

Boy Meets World
Rachel, Angela, Topanga, Shawn, Eric

Teen Wolf
Allison, Lydia, Danny, Isaac

Lost Girl
Kenzi, Tamsin

the 100
Clarke, Octavia, Raven, Bellamy

Crossover/AU ships
Dawn Summers/Kim Sunggyu
Dawn Summers/Allison Argent
Dawn Summers/Bella Swan
Dawn Summers/Clary Fray
Dawn Summers/Elena Gilbert
Dawn Summers/Amy Pond/Clara Oswald
Faith Lehane/Ruby 2.0
Buffy Summers/Obi Wan Kenobi

The Long-Suffering Wives Club
Fei, Spike, Woohyun, Dean Winchester

The Very-Confused Husbands Club
Jia, Buffy, Sunggyu, Castiel

The Korean Dramas I Have Seen:
Boys Over Flowers
Goong (Princess Hours)
City Hunter
Coffee Prince

You're Beautiful
Lie to Me
Flower Boy Next Door
The Heirs

The Ultimate Fic List

Note on the fic: listed in order of publication date, newer stuff is on the bottom

Noona-verseCollapse )
BuffyverseCollapse )
kpop RPFCollapse )
vampire diariesCollapse )
harry potterCollapse )

what she'll remember (Jade/Beck) 1000
being cat valentine (Cat + cast) 1,200
running ragged (Beck, Jade/Beck, Tori, Beck/Cat) 1,100
did it hurt? when you crawled your way up from the depths of hell? (Jade) 3800
let's sing a song of all the mistakes we should have made (Tori/Cat+ot7) 18000

veronica marsCollapse )
the heirsCollapse )
the one hundredCollapse )
gossip girlCollapse )
Teen WolfCollapse )

ArrowCollapse )
RoswellCollapse )
crossoversCollapse )
miscellaneousCollapse )

sunset (an original series)Collapse )

Read and Watched in 2015



Things that are happening:

ignore this postCollapse )



Guys. SO far there's only two sign ups over at buffy_genfic for the Halloween round. I'm going to keep things open for another 12 hours or so in hopes that more people show up.

Go! Write the things!

*buries self in Charloe historical-fae fic and weeps*


First of all, thank you so much for your time and your story! I'm sure whatever you create is going to be great. I've compiled a bunch of likes and dislikes (both general and for each fandom) to help you along. I've done a bunch of exchanges now and I find that it is so much easier to get started if I have a good sense of what my reader wants :) Feel free to take what you want and leave what you don't.

General LikesCollapse )

General DislikesCollapse )

Psy-ChangelingCollapse )

Being EricaCollapse )

Strange EmpireCollapse )

Dance AcademyCollapse )

Ballet ShoesCollapse )

Above all, please just have FUN. If you want to write a small one-off, I will love that as much as an epic or a complete canon rewrite. I love big changes, but I especially love the small moments and free-form character studies as well. Just have fun and don't stress and I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Good luck!



Just a quick pop-in pimp before I go back to wallowing in my own illness and lamenting the fact that bodies are even a thing that exist.

Sign-ups for Round 8 over at multi_genfic are live with the active fandoms of Buffy, Vampire Diaries, and Sabrina.

Also never forget about femslashbb's monthly challenge - the theme for October is 'Monster'

(I'm going to go drown in blankets and hot tea with honey for the rest of the day, but Please go forth! sign up! do the thing!)

[fic roundup] aka what I've been doing

So tumblr's theorgyarmada is hosting Revolution: The Second Coming this month and of course I signed up to write waaaay too much for this and consequently have been writing like a monster with my head cut off the past week. I didn't end up finishing everything I signed up for, but there's been an extension until October 12, which is amazing.

Anyway, this is what I've written so far:

under a cut bc there is a fucktonCollapse )

For the OrgyArmada I still need to write:
+ A famous warrior is counseled by a leader of the fae. Charlie/Nora AND Priscilla/Charlie/Bass
+ For the two of us, home isn't a place, it's a person. Charlie/Raven Reyes
+ If you're going to ask someone to save the world, you'd better make sure they like it the way it is. Charlie/Rachel

I also need to finish the multi-chapter carve me out. I still haven't decided if I'm going to add the Charlie/Rachel prompt to the Nano story or to the AU or have it stand on it's own. But! I am nearly done and I did more than I thought I would in the allotted time! So huzzah! #yayme

and also....

and the truth shall set you free
veronica mars || lilly (logan, veronica) || 1678w
for lynzie914 at multi_genfic
A character-study of Lilly pre-series, featuring Logan and Veronica in the background being adorable noodles. Full of tragic foreshadowing and Lilly's sharp teeth.

your memory lying next to mine
judas/jesus; judas/lucifer || 724w
for clockwork_hart1 at her AMAZING gods and monsters ficathon
This is as terrible as the pairings suggest. 10/10 do not recommend.

Anyway, after a week of lying on the couch watching TV and feeling miserable, I'm finally being productive again. I have a hard time with balance. Someone send advice.
fic: did cain have a sister? did she love her mother? (we are not a fairy tale, we are something so much more)
fandom: Revolution
pairing: rachel/priscilla/nano; charlie&rachel
word count: 4690
prompts: #133 ‘it’s not your job to like me, it’s mine’ (rachel/priscilla AND rachel/charlie)
#138 'i don’t want to be human. i want to be myself’ (Priscilla/Nano)
#224 'free will is a myth’ (Rachel/Priscilla/Nano)
#246, 'If you’re gonna ask someone to save the world, you’d better make sure they like it the way it is.’ (Rachel/Priscilla)
written for the theorgyarmada

half of them believe her the other half understand herCollapse )


The theme for this month is "Water Cooler Gossip" which loosely translates to "vamps talking to each other about being vampires" which loosely translates to "Kelsey hoping that everyone prompts Ford fic because he's the one true vampire of her little monster heart" which loosely translates to "WHY ISN'T THERE MORE FORD!FIC THO???" which loosely translates to "it's 3AM go the fuck to sleep Kelsey"

Love you all.

Sign up! Pimp! Prompt Ford (you know you want to)!

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[personal] stolen memes

Because I've been avoiding the internet and my writing responsiblities in lieu of making really elaborate cards and knitting socks like there's an impending apocalypse (though I have spent the last three months with Mormons, so maybe their doomsday efforts are rubbing off on me) here's a couple of memes to get me back on my computer::

Stolen from snickfic, The Status of Kelsey::

catching up like a bossCollapse )

Let's do a meme, shall we?

Tell me: if people came with warning labels, what would mine be?

And then, shoot me a number and I'll answer the following ~writerly questions::

1. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing
2. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing?
3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?
4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?
5. How many words can you write if you sit down and concentrate intensely for an hour?
6. First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot)
7. Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.
8. Why do you choose to write?
9. Do you ever have plans to write anything other than fic?
10. What inspires you the most? 11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?
12. A fix you wish you had written better, and why?
13. Favorite fic from another author?
14. Your favorite side pairings to put in?
15. Your guilty writing pleasure?
16. Do you have structured ideas of how your story is supposed to go, or make it up as you write?
17. Would yo describe yourself as a fast writer?
18. How old were you when you started writing?
19. Why did you start writing? previously answered on tumblr copied here because I think its relevant to your interestsCollapse )
20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud of

3,9,20: on tumblr here!
2,9,15: on tumblr here!


[update] today I ...

Today I ...

this is a ridiculous listCollapse )

In the meantime, please enjoy the following pimps:

multi_genfic is gearing up to start Round 7: High School

fandoms poll is live! go forth and vote!
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August Sign-ups for
femslashbb's Monthly Challenge now live!
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[fic] badly done, Dawn. badly done. (3/?)

fic: badly done, Dawn. badly done. (3/?)
fandom: tvd/btvs fusion in an Austen universe
pairing/characters: dawn/elena as emma/knightly; buffy/tara as the westons; alaric as mr woodhouse; spike as harriet; harmony as miss bates; caroline as jane fairfax; jeremy as knightly/frank churchill
summary: Sometime between the toasts and the first dance, but shortly before the passing of the cake, Dawn turned to her neighbor at the table with all the other bridesmaids in attendance and proclaimed quite cheerfully that this, indeed, was her greatest triumph as a matchmaker. Miss Gilbert raised her eyebrows delicately and reminded the younger girl that no matchmaking had indeed transpired, Dawn was just in possession of a lucky guess. Dawn giggled and pat her old friend on the arm, before looking out at the crowd for her next pet project.
a/n: yes, this story has gone from a predicted three chapters, to four, to ? who the fuck knows. pray for me. what even is happening???

[chapter one]
[chapter two]

In their childhood days, before the heartrending loss of Miss Gilbert’s aunt, the three orphan girls made each other into the most delightful playmates, always at each other’s beck and call, always willing for a prank or an imaginary game to share. There were no three girls in the world who loved each other more, every childhood loss, every little victory, was shared between them as a matter of course. They had a sense of ownership over each other that all young children have over their dearest companions at that age. But, of course, time and circumstance change all things, and in due course the trio began to shape itself into separate creatures. Miss Jenna Sommers was known to remark, in the early days of their youth, that they seemed to be less three little girls than one mass of lace and long hair darting to and fro from house to house. Girls, like most things, do at some mysterious point in time, grow and change, and in those moments, these three became very different individuals, no longer content to travel with two shadows on their backs. Of course, once one pulls away, all of the differences that before had gone unnoticed between them become apparent, and the illusion being broken causes not too few scars.

All childhood friends must grow apart, for that is the very nature of maturity, one soul cannot live on in two bodies, but must walk alone and hope for understanding and compassion.Collapse )
So this year for rarepairfest I ended up writing three pieces, two for the person I was paired up with and one gift for happyg_rl, primarily because (a) having a biological family member in a fic exchange is too much fun (b) HER PROMPTS THO.

so you created a game and you called it seduction, now let's break all the rules
fandom: harry potter
pairing: blaise/pansy
word count: 2,196
summary: It's nearing the end of Sixth year and everyone's eyes are on Blaise, wondering what side of the war he's going to fall on, but all he's interested in is his own game. (There's always one exception.)

I generally ship Blaise/Ginny(/Draco) [lol] and in that he's quite a bit softer, a little less harsh, okay so he's a big cuddly bucket of sex and that's why I like him. But this pairing, it came out really sharp and sad. Basically everything that vergoldung would want it to be - I guess that's how you know you've been friends for too long. I'm quite pleased with it. And! As snickfic discovered, I added a cameo from a hockey player not even a little bit on accident.

you want to name it what?
fandom: the 100
pairing: bellamy/raven
word count: 1,454
summary: for the prompt from upupa_epops: "hades/persephone with a bit of a funny twist. because bellamy as hades has zero chill and he spoils cerberus" which has very little bearing on this story at all except that it got me writing and also bellamy brings home a pet.

Basically I knew that the Blaise/Pansy fic was 70% sure to NOT be something my recipient would be more than mildly happy with, so I wrote a second piece and in the throes of "ugh what do i write?????" Marta came along with the perfect prompt. I'm convinced that my Braven characterization is bordering on terrible, but it was written and posted so hopefully my recipient didn't hate it.

actually my recipient neither commented nor gave kudos for EITHER piece, which I'm taking to mean (a) I'm a terrible writer actually or (b) this person really didn't like what I wrote... which is really sad and I feel awful about it. I mean - writers we do what we can, right? but maybe I could have done better

life for life. death for death. you for me.
fandom: roswell
pairing: ava/michael
word count: 1,208
summary: Two lone survivors of an intergalactic war find each other and start over. It almost feels like this is the way it was always supposed to be.

I LOVE THIS PAIRING. Like, generally I am all about the Ava/Liz of it all (and in fact was gifted this miraculous piece for every woman that IS ava/tess and IT IS FAB!!!), but since Kenna specifically wanted a fic concentrating on their height difference - I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do so. And also, since she is my sis after all, I feel 0.00% guilt for the angst that this piece is.

[fic] badly done, Dawn. badly done. (2/4)

fic: badly done, Dawn. badly done. (2/4)
fandom: tvd/btvs fusion in an Austen universe
pairing/characters: dawn/elena as emma/knightly; buffy/tara as the westons; alaric as mr woodhouse; spike as harriet; harmony as miss bates; caroline as jane fairfax; jeremy as knightly/frank churchill
summary: after the successful marriage of her sister to Miss Tara Maclay, Dawn sets her sights on matchmaking, much to longtime friend Miss Elena Gilbert's consternation
a/n: I had hoped to get through the strawberry picking with this chapter - Jane and Frank have not even arrived yet!!! /ugh So let's hope that this can all get wrapped up in four chapters so that I can get back to Pomegranates and anyway now I realize that I want a whole chapter for Box Hill/proposal so four chapters is better anyway see end for notes

[chapter one]

Mr. Alaric Saltzman was – in his youth – a man of great intellect, but little fortune, and it was to his greatest surprise when, at the age of eight and twenty, a distant relation gave him claim over such an impressive spot of land in the countryside. Leaving behind his seat as an instructor at a mildly impressive institution, and carrying with him only his collection of books, he came into the small town he now called home and immediately shut himself away. There were rumors, mild and not at all consequential to this tale, that said he suffered from a broken heart. At the age of two and thirty a parcel in the shape of two small girls arrived at his doorstep. Presumably they were to be left in the hands of the same gentleman from whom Mr. Saltzman inherited his fortune. In just a few short years, the young man went from being a penniless professor to a gentleman and father. Although many villages felt as though he would not be up to the task, he proved himself in short order to be quite the family man, if a bit unorthodox in his ways.

Tragedy is, as it has always been, a public event.Collapse )

[next chapter...]

[fic] badly done, Dawn. badly done. (1/3)

fic: badly done, Dawn. badly done. (1/3)
fandom: tvd/btvs fusion in an Austen universe
pairing/characters: dawn/elena as emma/knightly; buffy/tara as the westons; alaric as mr woodhouse; spike as harriet; harmony as miss bates; caroline as jane fairfax; jeremy as knightly/frank churchill
summary: after the successful marriage of her sister to Miss Tara Maclay, Dawn sets her sights on matchmaking, much to longtime friend Miss Elena Gilbert's consternation
a/n: in response to several different prompts over at fluffyfrolicker 's au commentathon

what is this fresh hell?

Dawn Summers was a bright young girl of the age of twenty-one who lived in a grand old house in the countryside with her rather peculiar guardian, Mr. Alaric Saltzman, and – aside from some shuffling about when she was quite an infant – she had never left her little town, nor had any reason to leave it. She was as charming and accomplished as a girl her age, in her position, should be, although there were certain individuals in her life that felt as though she should and could do far more to improve herself in many areas.

idek someone send help pleaseCollapse )

[next chapter...]


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