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[icons] BtVS: Dawn + Buffy

I'm actually pretty pleased with this batch. It's two parts sister-appreciation, one part HANDS, and all parts Dawnie-appreciation.

At least I'm consistent.

[20 icons below cut]080101 080102 080103 080104

080105 080106 080107 080109

080110 080111 080112 080113

080114 080115 080116 080117

080118 080119 080120 080121

No but I really love this batch - probably my best.

Also, I made two Hyun-joong icons to feed the pain that youcallitwinter, arsenic_lies, and by association ever_neutral have given me as of late. And also to apologize for my complete inability to respond to comments. You are all terrible and I don't know why I am friends with any of you.

07.25.13.khjicon01   07.25.13.khjicon02

I feel like I'm constantly apologizing to everyone lately for being the most lame of all the fandom people. I owe rosaxx50 so much I'm sure I don't even remember it all. I have all these hopes and dreams for writing some hearty Boys Over Flowers/kdrama meta. Dawn-thoughts are coming in spits and starts, so I'd love to actually write out some meta about her. Recently I had some Lacanian thoughts about her and have maybe thought seriously about writing a meta about Spike as Dawn's Shadow Self... see? cool stuff! If only I could actually get myself to write anything other than one-off, crossover femslash pieces.

How are you all? 
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