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[meme] It's January bro



I rung in the New Year in a moshpit on the streets of Bangkok and nearly cried (but didn't!) because it's such a lovely change from last year.
The DJ was adorable, the crowd was insane but sweet (at the front - apparently it was really scary trying to get in after 11p - which, duh), afterwards we wandered down to street bars - were accosted by a troup of shirtless farang, and relaxed as the crowds dwindled. It was lovely and crowded and dancing and crazy.

Fandom in review - stolen from everyone
1. Your main fandom of the year: I want to say BtVS - but that's not entirely true? Probably a cross between Buffy/Infinite in all.

2. Your favourite film this year: Probably Selena Gomez's Spring Breakers. There were other fabu films this year, but this one had me weeping openly at the end because of just how lovely it was. Seriously. I've never seen such a gritty, yet-lovely, girl-power movie in my life.

3. Your favourite book of the year: I cannot possibly do this. I read so many lovely things this year. Warm Bodies was fantastic! but so was Ink Exchange (my favorite of the Wicked Lovely series) but also the Bloodlines series! I CAN'T CHOOSE YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

4. Your favourite song or album of the year: This has only very recently come into my life, but Fifth Harmony's Me & My Girlsis possibly the best happy-song I've acquired this year. I've also been obsessed with The Neighborhood's Female Robbery
. Also Tablo's
고마운 (Thankful Breath) feat. Yankee & Bong Tae Gyu and Leessang's TV 껐네 (Turned off the TV) feat.Tasha, Kwon Jungyeol OF 10CM. And for the better part of this year (before Fifth Harmony took over my listening habits) I was listening to Janelle Monae's Dance Apocalyptic non-stop. Probably at the end of the day, Female Robbery wins all the Kelsey-awards. ... That's not true - all of these are lovely and I cannot choose between them. Seriously you should listen to them all! Turns out I really, really love k-indie-rap?!
(I'm not including Jaejoong's new album or GD's because THEY ARE A BLIGHT ON MY LIFE.)

However, I've been mostly in a playlist-mode this year (thank you 8tracks!) and my tops for this year are: Only Time Will Tell -Now I'm that Bitch - First We'll Live
- Escapism - a black cat (for warrior queens)
I highly suggest you try all of these on for size - everything in this list is lovely and cannot be discarded.

5. Your favourite tv show of the year: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Probably Hart of Dixie overall - because it was my happy!escape place. Vampire Diaries and I are not speaking (still watching but def not my favorite anymore), Doctor Who was so full of disappoint this year also, OUAT has been keeping me pretty happy. Probably The Heirs was the greatest surprise of the year (and FBND) but I've been unable to finish either (and have NO PLANS to finish Heirs so...) Also Alias - S3 remains a bright spot of joy in my life!Elementary and Hannibal are high up on my list of happy places also.

6. Your favourite LJ community of this year: umm... I ignore communities?

7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year: The Heirs. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

8. Your biggest disappointment of the year: UGH I don't want to do this. I've been in a funk this year so it's not fair. (Probably Fringe tbh - when Olivia gave up her Self for Peter, I quit the show and know I ought to go back, but I am REALLY bitter.)

9. Your TV boyfriend of the year: Youngdo's eyebrows. Jeremy Gilbert (always).
9a. Your Movie boyfriend of the year: Smaug

10. Your TV girlfriend of the year: Clara ... CHA EUNSANG!!! MY KINGDOM FOR MY PRINCESS!!!
10a. Your Movie girlfriend of the year: Mako-fucking-Mori (and Tauriel probs)

11. Your biggest squee moment of the year: idek how to answer this... maybe the moment in 47 Ronin when Mako Mori turned into a dragon... probably that. I don't feel like I squeed all that much this year. Or maybe in OUAT when you realize Pan's been holding Wendy captive this whole time - but that was more dramatic-sobbing than squee. Or possibly the fact thatSleepy Hollow exists.

12. Your most missed old fandom: eljay. quite frankly I just miss fandom interaction. tumblr has stolen the people and I feel like I'm floating and alone there? so I rarely go anymore. tumblr makes me feel really lonely and sad ... which is not at all what I want from fandom. so mostly I just miss HAVING an active fandom at all.

13. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but you want to: Skins. And Luther. And Leverage.

14. Your biggest anticipation of the New Year: The new season of Hannibal maybe? Capaldi!!! ((my kingdom for retired!doctor and retired!river trying to holiday at the beach and getting into scrapes on accident and him whining and her giggling and flirting while Clara works on her tan))

2013 fic in review (the short version) - stolen from rosaxx50

+ three times a wife, never a bride (tVD - Elena Gilbert)
an old box on a cloud (Doctor Who - Tardis(/11), River)
+ pancakes and noodles (Infinite RPF - 2woogyu)
+ we are two hard stones, come together and make us soft (Infinite RPF - 2wooyeol)
+ playing house (tVD - Jeremy/Caroline)
+ Bonnie/magic: autoeroticism **
+ Key/Woohyun: phonesex **
+ Annie/Abed: rape fantasy **
+ Blair/Jenny: lingerie, grooming **
+ Jeremy/Anna: ghost blow-job **
+ Lucius/Narcissa: long hair fetish, hair pulling, hair-washing **
+ tVD, Klaus/anybody: spanking, daddy!kink **
+ Jeremy/Elena : mirror **
+ we are always shadows (LOST - Sayid, Danielle, Alex)
+ Faith in the Noona-verse (SPN/BtVS - Faith/Ruby/Sam) ***
+ In our Noir Life (2/?) [the one where Damon wakes up in pink pajama pants] (tVD - DElena)
+ when the stars are stars again (tVD/BtVS/Who - dark!Amelia/Dawn/Elena)
+ back in the space where she is cleansed and healed (Hamlet - Ophelia)
+ let's keep playing this game with your pink socks to remind us how ("we must be ghosts to you") - (tVD - Caroline/Jeremy)
+ the new watcher (Miss A/BEG - Jia, Miryo)
+ like a summer's day (Oz the Great and Powerful - Evanora/Glinda/Theodora)
+ the unexpected (part one) (part two) (Infinite RPF - Myungsoo/OFC)
+ emotional black mail. your move (part one) (part two) (part three) (Infinite RPF - ot7)
+ there's no room at the round table for people like us (Veronica Mars - Veronica/Weevil/Logan)
+ come back to me (1/?) (BtVS/HP - Dawn/Ginny)
+ blurring the lines (BtVS - Buffy/Tara)
+ fire and ice (Twilight/BtVS - Bella/Dawn)
+ this little body of mine (TW/BtVS - Allison/Dawn)
+ behind the scenes (Noona - Hoya + Myungsoo) ***
+ In which Spike meets Dean (Noona - SPN/BtVS - Spuffy, Dean/Bela) ***
+ what is there in the end but unspoken word (The Heirs - Eunsang)
+ she likes to ruin them (she likes to watch) (The Heirs - Rachel/Eunsang/Youngdo(/Tan) )
+ I want to watch you shatter like glass (The Heirs - Eunsang/Tan)
+ love isn't feeling, it's war (The Heirs - Eunsang/Tan/Youngdo)
+ daughters and sons and broken hearts (The Heirs - Ki-ae)
+ the monster in me wants to eat the boy in you (The Heirs - Tan, Youngdo)
+ crushing all your walls right down (The Heirs - Eunsang/Youngdo)
+ untitled (BtVS - Dawn)
+ untitled (The Mortal Instruments - Clary/Jace)
+ all the little things (Veronica Mars - Veronica/Logan)
+ crashing smashing (SPN/BtVS - Sam/Ruby 2.0/Faith) ***
+ I didn't start out this way (Tolkien/The Hobbit - original dragon)

** three-sentence fics
*** Noona-verse based stories

number: 34 (+8 three-sentence fics)
most written fandom: The Heirs (7) [[ (4) Vampire Diaries; (3) Infinite RPF; (3) Dawn-centric; (2) BtVS; (2) Veronica Mars]]
main fic type: crossovers & femmeslash (also lots of porn?) ((let's not lie - mostly just angst!))
pairings: Dawn/ladies; Jeroline; Eunsang/angst

But most importantly::
The Noona-Verse (Infinite, Miss A RPF/BtVS/SPN)

- - for which I wrote 36,000+ words for (which totals 41k+ when you add the misc stories to it) !!!


meme questions::

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
I thought this was a dead year for me – but apparently I wrote a LOT?! I mean, I knew that I wrote 40k+ in the Noona-verse, but I completely forgot about a LOT of other writing?! I mean… I wrote over 34 pieces that weren’t (for the most part) related to Noona. THIRTY FOUR! This year was really rough for me and I was feeling really unhappy about where I was/where I was going until recently.
This meme actually helped me see that maybe it wasn’t all bad.

Did you take any writing risks this year?

  • Um… I started a whole new Universe that incorporates 3+ fandoms!

  • I wrote ot7 porn! (seven men! omg!)

  • I wrote a lot of femmeslash for the first time ever!

Hell yeah I took writing risks this year.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
To keep writing?

My best story of the year:
I don’t even know… I wrote a lot that I really like. Both of my Jeroline pieces are great. And all of my work for theHeirs fandom I am proud of.

My most popular story of this year:
According to my ao3 stats (which only include a very few pieces actually) my Noir-DElena piece is the most popular… but that’s cheating a bit since the first installment was published last year.

You’d probably have to tell me what your favorites were…

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Noona. Absolutely my favorite thing I’ve ever written. In my humble opinion, everyone should be reading this and loving it – I know the kpop element really throws the BtVS/SPN crowds away (and vice versa) but… ugh… it’s so lovely and so full of love and I want to share it with everyone.

Most fun story to write:
three times a wife never a bride was a delight to write!

Also all of the Heirs fic – because it was a new fandom and was so angsty!

Honestly, I won’t write something if it isn’t fun. So I can’t really do this one. It’s too hard!

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
Shipping Faith/Ruby 2.0 made me love Ruby 2.0 more than I ever thought possible.

Also – I remember distinctly having ~issues shipping Dawn with anyone last year. And then Sunggyu happened and suddenly – OH HELLS YES. And that changed everything.

To be perfectly clear: Sunggyu is - to date - the ONLY male that I can ship with Dawn. In the past year, I have come to the conclusion that Dawn is so gay. I don’t know why squishy-gyu breaks all of my Dawn/ladies rules… but he does.
(And that’s honestly the best part.)

Hardest story to write:
emotional blackmail. your move. – OT7 PORN. PORN IS FUCKING HARD OKAY? GUH THIS WAS DIFFICULT!!

crushing all your walls right down – I was tearing up while writing this, it was super emotional

Biggest disappointment:
The Victorious fic that never got written – and the fact that I didn’t write ANY Victorious fic at all this year. HOW?! I miss my babies.

All the half-started, never-finished series that got left behind this year. (Especially my Myungsoo/OFC because she was fucking cute.)

Biggest surprise:
Noona-verse. FORTY ONE THOUSAND WORDS!? And I’m not terribly unhappy with any of it! There are parts that are rough and there are things I would change… but overall I’m so happy with this universe.

Most telling story:

an old box on a cloud – I wrote this in mourning for Amelia and the golden!Tardis at the beginning of this year. It’s supposed to be about so many things… but it’s really about me.

Periodically this year I’ve gone back to read this again and again because – this is possibly the most self-exposing fic that I’ve written this year. This is the space where I first started mourning the girl that I lost last New Year’s … the girl I can’t ever be again. So much of what I was mourning wasn’t Amelia or the golden!Tardis, but the part of myself that I foolishly thought was safe. If there’s ever a moment in my life when I need to remember – or remind myself – or when I want to sink into how far I’ve come: this is the place I can go. There’s such a huge difference between an old box on a cloud and say… I want to shatter you like glass. Tardis gave me a voice when I needed to mourn and miraculously, Cha Eunsang gave me a voice when I was ready to breathe fire, when I was ready to be angry –she was there.

I think reading an old box and then shatter you like glass is a good way of seeing just how far I’ve come this year. And I love that about fic. I love that I’ve found a space where I can work out how I am feeling about… oh about so many things.

I wrote so much this year guys. I can't believe it.

eta: The very first fic I wrote was published on October 9, 2010
since that time I have written:

+++ 65 pieces of fic
+++  163,600+ words

Vampire Diaries : 16 works - 49,000 words
Noona-Verse: 41, 900 words
Infinite RPF: 5 works - 14,800 words
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 12 works - 14,800 words
The Heirs: 7 works - 10,000 words
Harry Potter: 4 works - 8,200 words
Victorious: 4 works - 7,100 words

I know this may not seem like very much - but to me, this is thrilling and brilliant and exciting!
(Also - hurray for me finally making a fic masterpost and here's hoping I'll keep it updated in 2014!)


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Jan. 1st, 2014 08:42 pm (UTC)
but so was Ink Exchange (my favorite of the Wicked Lovely series) but also the Bloodlines series!

Mwahahaha, I have succeeded as an enabler \o/\o/

Yeees, song recs!

Oh, you like Alias s3? I've only heard not-so-good things about it, but this makes me want to continue watching. Doctor Who was such a mess this year, sigh.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but you want to: Skins

YES. (I saw this with the full knowledge that you're going to hate my favourite character, and I don't even care.)

untitled (The Mortal Instruments - Clary/Jace)

<3 still awesome.

Did you take any writing risks this year?

Lol don't forget the incest or fauxcest or whatever.

OH MY GOD YOU MADE FANFICTION MASTERLIST. Now I can go find everything I'd missed before.
Jan. 2nd, 2014 12:18 am (UTC)
Mwahahaha, I have succeeded as an enabler \o/\o/
so much so... *headdesk* (I'm so easy, really)


Oh, you like Alias s3?
S3 is my favorite season. Seriously I could just rewatch it over and over.

However, my first time through I HATED it! I hated Lauren, I hated the [spoilers], I hated how SAD Sydney is... I hated it all. But I went back and did a rewatch before starting S4 when I got to BKK... and now it's my baby season. Lauren is my everything, my shining star - the angst appeals to me - the parallel structure between [two couples] works marvelously and hits a lot of kinks.
I refuse to speak of S4 - it is dead to me (I hate it so much, woe) and S5 is only passingly acceptable because Jack Bristow exists.
Really, S1&2 were one show - S3 is another - and then S4&5 do this fucked-up "we acknowledge no such logic and piss on your favorites" dance that is really frustrating. And I ended up loving S3 the most.

Let me hold your hand and shower you with feels if you start to watch it - because it's really hard to get through. S1&2 are so... shiny-happy-people and S3 is like... S6 of Buffy. It's the: "main female protagonist deals with depression" season. It's not pretty the first time, but in hindsight is a masterpiece.

Ugh I just really love Sydney and Vaughn and Lauren and Sark and S3 is the season of THEM! BEING CUTIES! AND SPIES! AND UGH OMG MY FOURSOME OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION MY BABIES.

Forever bitter over S4's complete lack of usefulness.

(I saw this with the full knowledge that you're going to hate my favourite character, and I don't even care.)
I think the only character in the history of ever that I hate is Xander Harris so this INTRIGUES ME.
(Also Arthur Dimmsdale.)
(And certain one-note "villains" just because WHY DON'T YOU HAVE MOTIVATION FOR YOUR EVIL?!)

Lol don't forget the incest or fauxcest or whatever.
lol. But actually not a writing risk for 2013? My heroinebigbang When you tell my story, Don't forget Me is (tvd)Anna-centric and focuses primarily on her human "son" growing up and falling in love with her and their tumultuous relationship over the decades.

So ... yes, Clary/Jace was my first siblingcest - but Anna/Shen was so... beyond the scope of any incest I'd ever contemplated before. (Seriously mother/son incest is no picnic.) ((And so much darker and scarier than what I did for Clary/Jace.)) After Anna/Shen all incest feels easy-peasy.

The 7-male orgy porn was def. my most difficult writing challenge of the year.


Edited at 2014-01-02 12:19 am (UTC)
Jan. 2nd, 2014 02:00 am (UTC)
That is really interesting to me, because I've heard that Alias s4 was more popular than s3. To be honest, my favourite characters are (in order) Irina, Sloanne and Sydney. I... don't really care about anyone else, and I don't know who Lauren is (lol).

I think the only character in the history of ever that I hate is Xander Harris so this INTRIGUES ME.
Trololol this is hilarious 2 me because he's my favourite male Buffy character. But no, I think you'll hate my favourite Skins character (Tony Stonem, who you'll meet immediately) for perhaps similar reasons you don't like Stefan.)

Still making my way through the songs, but I feel like if there aren't 9827343 fanvids to Me & My Girls there is no justice. Female Robbery is sending chills down my spine.

I'd forgotten you'd written that Anna/Shen story!

Also, I'm replying here about your Love Resolution comment so you can edit yours:

I wish someone would read the Wicked Lovely series by Richelle Mead

Jan. 2nd, 2014 02:23 am (UTC)
I've heard that Alias s4 was more popular than s3
Probably because S3 is decidedly more dark. And also Nadia is (I'm guessing) more popular than Lauren.

I... don't really care about anyone else
I have HEAPS of Jack feels. And SARK FEELS! AND SARK/VAUGHN FEELS! AND SARK/SYDNEY FEELS! ((Sark is my baby *hisses*))
But also - hold me with my Sydney and Irina and Lauren feelings.
I just really love everyone.
((And Will! And Weiss! .... *curls into a ball*))

I love anything with completely-dysfunctional yet supremely competent found-families. Spyfamilies forever forever.

and I don't know who Lauren is (lol).
Yes, silly. Because she doesn't show up until S3.

because he's my favourite male Buffy character
my rage knows no bounds I hate the Nice Guy and I hate how canon let's him get away with being a sleezebag douchewaffle and let's NEVER DISCUSS IT *HULKSMASH*

for perhaps similar reasons you don't like Stefan
Stefan/Paul Wesley/ Jared Padelecki/Sam Winchester suffer from this terrible "I hate my ex and you remind me of him in a visceral (but not at all physical) way so please SHUT YOUR FACE please thanks" ... so unless this character does the same thing (which I am getting over and am starting to truly enjoy Stefan without totally recoiling from the screen in abject fear)...
Seriously but I watched the first 2.5 seasons of tVD the Thanksgiving after the dreaded ex left me and it was just ... the parallels between Stefan/B were too apparent and I just HATED him for his treatment of Elena.
I don't see that same set of circumstances setting me off against another male character again. (let's hope) It's been a while... the wounds aren't as fresh. I should be fine.

Also, I'm replying here about your Love Resolution comment so you can edit yours:
Never happened I don't know what you are talking about.

Jan. 2nd, 2014 02:27 am (UTC)
But no, I think you'll hate my favourite Skins character

I just did a google-image search, because I've seen the pilot ... and I genuinely remember LOVING this character in the first episode.

So you know... unless he pulls a complete 180 - I probably (?) won't hate him?

((The Stefan-hate thing is SO SO personal and makes no sense unless you are in my head and is not at all related to a character type? people should really not judge me for my Stefan-hate.))
Jan. 2nd, 2014 02:41 am (UTC)
I just did a google-image search, because I've seen the pilot ... and I genuinely remember LOVING this character in the first episode.

Oh, okay then! :DDD
Jan. 2nd, 2014 02:40 am (UTC)
LMAO, I'm convinced now that you and I have pretty much the precise opposite reactions to Jack Bristow and Xander Harris.

Sark is my baby *hisses*

THIS IS WHAT UNCLE JOHN DID IN HIS YOUNGER DAYS! He used all that training he got hunting vampires and put it to good use! (Or was it the other way around :D)

It's been a while... the wounds aren't as fresh. I should be fine.

Oh BB, I'll say this for Tony, he has an extremely cathartic character arc--both for the TV audience and the characters who love him. But if you feel like you'll feel remotely triggered, completely fine to just skip the episodes, yes?
Jan. 1st, 2014 10:02 pm (UTC)
Your seal of approval does it. I was going to pass on Spring Breakers, thinking it to be a Disney Girls try to be ~edgy movie (a la Miley's current career), but it was the big surprise on numerous critics' top 10 list, and now you're saying it's amazeballs, so I will def be checking it out! And because I don't read books anymore (I just listen to them while commuting to school), Bloodlines is next on my Audible to-buy list!
Jan. 1st, 2014 11:59 pm (UTC)
I was going to pass on Spring Breakers
Oy. Okay - this is going to sound like I'm trying to talk you out of this film... but it REALLY, REALLY is a film that you probably shouldn't just stumble into without being aware of what you're getting yourself into?

I mean - I definitely think that it's not for everyone? I specifically don't know if you'll like it. I found it lovely and interesting. I know that the director takes a very docu-style to his filming and that most scenes are just presented as scenarios that the actors have to muddle their way through. It was good that I watched interviews and such first - because Selena especially was placed in very ... emotionally vulnerable positions throughout the film, but she trusted the director - and Franco - and the rest of the cast/crew to keep her safe and that's really really nice to know.
Especially that Franco and Gomez had a good working relationship and that she trusted him BECAUSE REASONS.

((And you really end up loving Franco's character for multiple reasons, but his treatment of Gomez is terrifying.))

(a la Miley's current career)
ehh.... the treatment of race in this film is questionable at best. So if you are looking for a departure from Miley's SWF-Feminism... it's not here, unfortunately. And if I was to take a bell hooks' perspective on this film, I would have to side-eye A LOT of things w/r/t race and the race/gender line as shown in this film. So much fail, tbh.

But if you shut that part of your brain off (which I find difficult) and just read it as what the girls want it to be - which is as a film that will inspire women to feel empowered - then it very much does that.

so I will def be checking it out!
Okay, more warnings.

Do not watch if you are adverse to: guns, drugs, excessive drinking, prostitution, polyamory, bdsm relationships, blood, death, perverse language ... this is basically a teen girl's response to the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid motif. In a modern era. So just... think of that.

A group of teen girls wanting to create their own Western/bro-movie and escape their dreary lives. (Which is the #1 reason why I love it. It's all the standard cliche's of a BRO-film, but with female protagonists... who don't shy away from the motifs or switch them into being "feminine" - nay, they embrace the gun-toting, wise-cracking, sexually-aggressive roles that men usually occupy and DEMAND their own space in that narrative, without shying away. omg feels)

Also - if you read this film as a study in perspective, I think the viewing experience is much more enjoyable. (Esp. pay attention to Gomez's character's "prayer circle" scenes - they tell you a lot about how she is feeling/what she's thinking at every step of her arc.) There's a heavy cinematic influence on the narrative which is actually pretty gorgeous, and is offset nicely by a gritty film style and harsh plotline.

In conclusion: I loved it. But I know, know, know that it is not for everyone.

Bloodlines is amazing! But you should really start with Vampire Academy - which is basically the prequel series. And anyway, you'll like Rose (a lot!) - I predict you liking Rose more than Sydney? And it will help because a LOT of character development for the main cast is done in VA which you will miss if you skip it? Also: VERRY IMPORTANT WORLDBUILDING.
Seriously, don't skip VA. Trust me. You'll appreciate the characters/world more if you know them when you start.
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