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[sticky post] About Me


Warning: I love unabashedly and fully
- I probably love a character you dislike -
Haters leave your hate at the door or don't come in.

I'm a 20-something female getting my Masters in English at a not-top University. This blog began (oh so long ago) as a literal journal, a private space to write in (born and bred Mormon - could never quite kick the obsessive need to journal EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE, even after declaring self Atheist Pagan) but within a couple of years became mostly a fandom spot. I'm a Literature person (and a Theory-head to boot) so sometimes I will get a little... nutty about things - particularly TV.

THESIS: Currently working on (/talking about working on) the dynamics of fanfiction and Buffy - particularly focusing on Dawn. If you want to talk to me about how much you (a) love/hate Joss (b) love/hate fandom (c) love/hate writing (d) LOVE Dawn's cute little mug OR any combination of these .... right now this is what I live for :)

Most postings are Open - I'm not really afraid of lurkers (especially since most of the time - I am one!) - except those personal or directed to my flist especially. HOWEVER! Feel free to friend me, I may not friend back right away unless you comment/talk to me regularly - or I've seen your shiny self around. Feel free to comment here if you have any questions or just want me to know who you are!!! *waves* Hello stalkers!

That inevitable list of fandoms and ships:

[I ship things sometimes]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn, Faith, Tara, Anya, Spike, Ford, Willow, Buffy
Dawn/Spike (friendship)

Angel the Series
Cordy, Fred, Wesley, Lilah, Illyria, Spike

The Vampire Diaries
Elena, Caroline, Jeremy, Anna, Katherine, Rebekah,Katherine

Sydney, Spydaddy, Sark
Jack/his face

Merlin, Morgan

Dance Academy
Abby, Kat, Christian

Doctor Who
10, 11, Amelia Pond, Rory Pond, River Song, Martha, Clara, Tardis

Gossip Girl
Jenny, Blair

Rachel, Kurt, Burt, Puck, Quinn, Santana
Rachel/Kurt (friendship)

Game of Thrones
Arya, Sansa, Dani

Hart of Dixie
Lemon, Zoe, Levon, Wade


Dean, Jo, Bela, Anna, Ruby
Dean/his Grim Reaper

Jade, Cat, Beck, Tori

Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex Russo

Twin Peaks
Audrey Horne

Isabel, Maria, Kyle, Michael, Tess, alt!Tess, future!Max

Kate, Cassidy, Juliet, Sayid, Shannon, Jack, Sawyer, Ben, Jin
Jack/Ana Lucia

Once Upon a Time
Regina, Ruby, Emma, Pan, Belle, Hook

Veronica Mars
Veronica, Mac, Weevil, Logan

Boy Meets World
Rachel, Angela, Topanga, Shawn, Eric

Teen Wolf
Allison, Lydia, Danny, Isaac

Lost Girl
Kenzi, Tamsin

the 100
Clarke, Octavia, Raven, Bellamy

Crossover/AU ships
Dawn Summers/Kim Sunggyu
Dawn Summers/Allison Argent
Dawn Summers/Bella Swan
Dawn Summers/Clary Fray
Dawn Summers/Elena Gilbert
Dawn Summers/Amy Pond/Clara Oswald
Faith Lehane/Ruby 2.0
Buffy Summers/Obi Wan Kenobi

The Long-Suffering Wives Club
Fei, Spike, Woohyun, Dean Winchester

The Very-Confused Husbands Club
Jia, Buffy, Sunggyu, Castiel

The Korean Dramas I Have Seen:
Boys Over Flowers
Goong (Princess Hours)
City Hunter
Coffee Prince

You're Beautiful
Lie to Me
Flower Boy Next Door
The Heirs

The Ultimate Fic List

Note on the fic: listed in order of publication date, newer stuff is on the bottom

Noona-verseCollapse )
BuffyverseCollapse )
kpop RPFCollapse )
vampire diariesCollapse )
harry potterCollapse )

what she'll remember (Jade/Beck) 1000
being cat valentine (Cat + cast) 1,200
running ragged (Beck, Jade/Beck, Tori, Beck/Cat) 1,100
did it hurt? when you crawled your way up from the depths of hell? (Jade) 3800
let's sing a song of all the mistakes we should have made (Tori/Cat+ot7) 18000

veronica marsCollapse )
the heirsCollapse )
the one hundredCollapse )
gossip girlCollapse )
Teen WolfCollapse )

ArrowCollapse )
RoswellCollapse )
crossoversCollapse )
miscellaneousCollapse )

sunset (an original series)Collapse )

no. why???? NO

Fandom-friend/stalker/troll vantiri (@livejournal) who spreads homophobic diatribes on every site and fic he comes across (and with whom I've had several run-ins with over the years) appears to be going by Thrawn on ao3 and has found me again?

He's calling himself my FAN.

I'm so fucking tired of this bullshit. And this dude.

I've already reported him for harassment to the ao3 mods, but I'm not really sure what they can do about him?

Anyway. Head's up. He's the reason why I quite the buffygen-mini comm and stepped back from the Buffy community in general. He appears to be circling in Once Upon a Time and Supergirl fandoms as well now.


(in other news, TAZ is wonderful - listen. love. laugh. cry a lot. save my dead gay son.)

everyone come play

I've been super remiss in pimping this because I've been terribly busy and am also a terrible person but listen our clockwork_hart1 is hosting the best kind of commentathon and everyone should come play!

what the id wants ficathon
[click on the picture]

pimp! (i'm so excited you guys!)

Woah the fandoms chosen for this month's multi_genfic round are going to be so much fun to prompt for and work with: Disney, MCU, and Star Wars!!!!!

(I predict pairing people is going to be especially difficult bc I'll want to do everything and feel jealous about everyone's prompts. )

Anyway - come play with us!

multi_genfic multi_genfic multi_genfic
Round 11: Scenerygasm (Disney, MCU, & Star Wars)


[pimp] and a meme!

meme: respond to this post with a character/pairing and I will tell you my headcanons for their...
(a) favorite view
(b) favorite outfit
(c) favorite love-hate film for rainy days
(d) least-fave food
(e) most annoying habit they don't know they do

Round 10: Girls Only Masterpost is live and everything is wonderful

multi_genfic multi_genfic multi_genfic
Round 11: Scenerygasm POLL IS LIVE!

June Sign-ups for
femslashbb's Monthly Challenge now live!
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[pimp] one final plea

I know this month's experiment may be throwing some people off - but it's fully-open prompting and writing, the real challenge will be for participants as readers this round, being more open to reading something that may not be in their special favorite wheelhouse.

I'm going to give sign-ups another like 24ish hours to see if anyone else is willing to jump on board and give it a try.

Come play with us!

Round 10: Girls Only
Sign ups open now!!!


I'm alive. Let's pimp.

Yes yes, I'm not dead. I got a new job and had a 2hr commute in the am and pm. So for the past month I've been mainlining the Good Wife and Melissa and Joey and also now addicted to Sips bc that's how I roll these days and knitting mitts for happyg_rl. Even though she's well into her first Stephen West shawl and can probably make her own damn mitts. But! I moved! (That's the point of this story omfg wut) and my commute is much nicer and my cat is verrry happy that we are single ladies alone in our own space, so there's more time for writing and modding. yay.

Anyway, I'm here. I'm alive. I don't see myself getting back into active-tumblr status anytime soon bc (a) I'm behind on all the shows and (b) I'm at a computer all day for work and afterwards just want to do something else! This doesn't mean that I don't love you - so feel free to yell at me. I update my Instagram pretty regularly (kwritten) and Snapchat sometimes (k_written) if you do that kind of thing. I'm around, even if it seems like I'm completely absent.

Anyway, I still have mod-responsibilities, even if I am a 10/10 fail at modding most of the time :)

May Sign-ups for
femslashbb's Monthly Challenge now live!
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Round 10: Girls Only
Sign ups open now!!!


Stealing this one from ever_neutral who adapted it for tv after stealing it from theramble.

Fandoms for whoever can see this post and wants to play::

the character/member i would invite for pretentious philosophical conversations over wine:
the character/member i'd want as my older sibling (regardless of their actual age):
the character/member i'd want as my twin:
the character/member i'd want as my younger sibling:
the character/ member whose fashion i want to steal:
2 characters/members for a threesome:
my ideal team-up/subunit:

Also tell me how you are and what I've missed!


lol what is this journal anymore? I only come around to pimp out my own comms/events apparently. sorry for the ridiculousness of me?

To prove that I love you all and that I'm still here to talk, let's do a meme! (made up on the fly to prove something to myself that you all probably don't even care about)

(1) tell me one headcanon that you have about me / my life / my habits and I will tell you if you are right or wrong
(2) comment with a pairing or character and I will tell you one headcanon that I have about their mundane existence (domestic stuff, brand of socks, cereal preference, etc)

Round 9: A Very Special Potter Round!
Sign ups open now!!!

March Sign-ups for
femslashbb's Monthly Challenge now live!
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banner by clockwork_hart1
wlw positivity commentathon
hosted by femslashbb
#kiss your girl
submit finished fanworks on ao3
As many of you probably already know, last night another canon lesbian was shot and killed minutes after a love scene with the woman of her affection. Understandably, many fans (and non-fans) of The 100 are hurt and betrayed by yet another tv lesbian being killed on-screen.

Amidst the outrage, anger, and hurt - wlw are coming together to support and give encouragement.

Your love is valid.
Your love is beautiful.
Your love is strong.

You are valid, important, lovely.
Your anger is beautiful and valid.
Your hope is affirming and valid.

For the next week (or however long it lasts), femslashbb will be hosting a free-for-all, multi-fandom commentathon celebrating women who love women.

banner by clockwork_hart1
wlw positivity commentathon
hosted by femslashbb
#kiss your girl
submit finished fanworks on ao3


hey now hey now

it's MARCH

March Sign-ups for
femslashbb's Monthly Challenge now live!
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Round 9: A Very Special Potter Round!



After the longest hiatus in the history of an exchange-comm, multi-genfic is back and this time it's for real.




fic: growing you and me

fic: growing you and me
fandom: btvs
pairing: dawn/Illyria
recipient: for snickfic who wanted the pairing and "growing things" for fem-feb ((sorry this is so late but RL has been a little nuts!))
setting: LA post-NFA

[peter dont you know what a kiss is]Sunnydale was a hole in the ground.

Los Angeles was a burning wreckage.

She supposed that maybe the world didn’t revolve around Southern California and that the disasters that her blood wrought were only a very small problem in comparison with worldwide hunger and disease and (if the talking heads Wesley found so fascinating these days were anything to go by) political corruption.

She also supposed that maybe her blood hadn’t decimated her only known world - like Spike kept whispering to her over and over and over and over and over and …

I need a change of scenery, she had said it like a command like a plea like a little girl begging for a toy please please please listen listen listen

h e a r m e

Buffy had blinked, Sure? Where do you want to go?

Fred called a few days later, and it was decided decided decided. Like all it would take is a new war zone to make her feel like a human being again.

The country the planet the universe the infinite was a war zone there was no where to find peace and anyway, what would she do with something so fragile?

Didn’t take long for it all to come crashing down. For Fred to not be Fred for Spike to get delusions of grandeur and forget about her for Harmony to betray everyone for the world to turn to smoke and ashes and a little girl in the middle laughing and laughing and laughing because thank god this feels normal.

“You are too green,” she said like it didn’t mean far too much.

“You are too blue,” Dawn had sassed back. She was a teen. She was allowed to be sassy even in the aftermath of tragedy. Everything was the aftermath of a tragedy, there was no reprieve, this was the one thing she was certain of.

This wasn’t their first conversation or the most important or one that meant more than any other. It wasn’t even a conversation, it was a passing of insults between two creatures too old and too young and too fresh and cracking with their age that had learned at some indeterminate point that words were slippery, nebulous things they wanted no affiliation with.

“Dennis says things are weird,” she offered to Angel and the team, sometime after the entire world crashed around their ears.

“No shit?” Gunn spit out. Immortality was an ill-fitting suit on him. “I saw a dragon fly past my window this morning. I think things are a bit more than just fucking weird.”

Dawn squinted at him and then left.

She had nothing to fear from anything outside the crumbled remains of the Hyperion. She kept house in Cordy’s old apartment because otherwise Dennis would be lonely and she had feelings about ghosts feeling lonely.

There was too much on everyone’s mind to notice that she wasn’t as afraid as someone her size and age should be. She didn’t blame them. They had turned the known world into hell, that kind of guilt could blind even the best kind of people.

And they weren’t the best kind of people.

“You are too green,” she said from the doorway, head cocked to one side.

“Go to hell,” Dawn called from her kitchen.

“The others think we are already there.” She paused, stepping into the living room delicately. “You do not.”

“It’s just an expression, and you know that,” Dawn had very little patience for immortal gods that pretended they didn’t understand humanity. It was stale. It tasted like a game on her tongue and she was too young to be interested in games.

“But that’s not why you said it.”

Dawn handed her a beer from the fridge and didn’t respond.

It was interesting being seen, if only for a moment, and by something not-quite human.

Who was human these days anyway? Humanity was fucking overrated.

Things were weird, Dennis didn’t lie. The world was adjusting. The harder the Hyperion Team fought to get things back the way they were, the more the earth welcomed the changes with open arms.

She didn’t say anything. She selfishly didn’t want to them to know she wasn’t interested in fighting. She relied on their good opinion of her.

“You like it this way,” they sat on her balcony and watched a group of winged beasts dance through the night sky.

“Don’t you?” Dawn replied.
Illyria blinked at her,”I like you this way.”

And that felt like nothing at all.

“Things are getting better!” Angel’s eyes were a little manic. “We’re winning!”

Spike warned her with his eyes not to laugh, and so she disappeared out the door. Something with a bloody snout begged for food and she smiled at it because it belonged to her.

They were losing and knew it.

She skipped all the way back to her apartment.

“Nothing grows here,” Gunn whined.

And that wasn’t strictly true. Things were beginning to grow. Small infants were blossoming into monsters. Steam was building into volcanoes. The world was shifting and growing and changing all around them. Everything was black and red and grey and purple and metallic.

What he meant was: nothing that I know grows here. I cannot recognize the world outside my window.

What he meant was: this fruit is wrong this sky is wrong this ground is wrong.

What he meant was: I don’t fit here.

“She does,” Illyria said, glancing at Dawn.

No one noticed. She was prone to say things they didn’t want to understand.

Ignorance is bliss.

There were strange plants on her balcony, in her bathroom, in her kitchen, clinging to the walls of the living room. Plants that nipped at her heels with affection as she walked by, with brilliant neon blooms, with intoxicating and possibly poisonous scents, bearing fruit that looked like a challenge more than a food.

She ate more than any of them, was the strongest, she was flourishing as they died slowly.

Illyria liked to stand in her living room, still as a statue, arms and legs outstretched, letting the vines reach and reach and reach towards her like she belonged to them. She wanted to belong to them. She wanted to belong there. She never said it outloud because words didn’t mean enough.

“You kiss like a child,” she said with a scowl.

“I am a child!” Dawn laughed. “What is childish about my kissing?”

“You are too eager, too hungry,” she said these things as if they were the most precious things in the whole world. She was very bad at insults these days.

Dawn’s eyes flashed, and she preceded to show Illyria just how hungry she was.

They stopped checking in at the Hyperion. Stopped going out on campaigns to kill the demon hordes.

They spent a lot of time wrapped around each other, naked and eager.

“These bodies,” Illyria marveled. “They are truly superior.”

Dawn nodded sagely, “To be woman is to be divine.”

They didn’t laugh. They were divine.

They only laughed at lies.

“I found you something today,” she was holding something behind her back and Dawn jumped in her eagerness. Sometimes she was still the smallest, smallest, smallest baby that had ever been born. Probably because she had never experienced birth. Something about the pressure and pain and stress of birth makes adults of us all. She didn’t have this reality pressing on her bones.

She held out a plant, something like a tree, it’s long black roots already twinning between her fingers.

It was their first sign that the world was moving on, growing and learning and adapting. Dawn put it on her balcony and smiled.

“We should name her,” she said excitedly.

“A plant does not need a name,” Illyria scolded.

“Everything that grows needs a name,” Dawn countered, wrapping her arm around Illyria’s waist. Something immortal stiffened in fear and something desperately human melted. Or the reverse.

Dawn pressed a chaste kiss on Illyria’s lips, “I will name her kiss.”

Illyria brought her a thousand plants, searched the whole desiccated city for anything growing, bringing them back in her small hands.

For each she received a kiss.

And it was the start of something or nothing.

They stopped going to the Hyperion, let the memories of their bodies die and became something new.

Maybe they grew.

Femslash February

I was going to do this later, but it’s never too early to start! Every February, I ask for femslash prompts to fill the Valentine’s month up with ladies.

The rules are super simple: send me an ask/im/pm with a date and a pairing + prompt and on that day I will post a ficlet of at least 500 words.

All pairings must be f/f - but crossovers are obviously welcome.
(In the past, I've allowed gen requests, so if you have a particularly niggling prompt that is gen, that's cool with me, too. As long as it includes 2+ women and men are not the focus.)

Feb 1 - [girl meets world] riley/maya, drawings on foggy windows (for happyg_rl)
Feb 3 - [btvs] Buffy/Anya “a one time thing” (for @centrumlumina)
Feb 5 - [gossip girl] blair/jenny or blair/vanessa - convent vs coven / the difference between rivals and god (for clockwork_hart1)
Feb 7 - [raven cycle] - everyone’s a girl (for MYSELF)
Feb 9 - [tvd/btvs] Elena/Dawn “this is not a perfect beach day” “this is the pacific northwest, this is as good as it gets” (for happyg_rl)
Feb 11 - [100/dw] clara/raven, flying vs falling (for clockwork_hart1)
Feb 13 - [btvs] Willow/Kennedy egg rolls (for snogged)
Feb 15 - [btvs] Dawn/Illyria - growing things (for snickfic)
Feb 20 - femslash-minis!
Feb 24 - [historical] mary/elizabeth i, meeting face-to-face for the first time (for belecrivain)
Feb 19 Feb 25 - [teen wolf] lydia/allison i don’t dance in the rain, but… (for happyg_rl)
Feb 26 - [hp] luna/pansy + coincidences (nonny on tumblr)
Feb 21 Feb 27 - [tvd] Elena/Bonnie/Caroline, playing with magic (for scorpiod1)
Feb 23 Feb 28 - [hp] ginny/hermione (for @imperatorreyes)
Feb 25 Feb 29 - [shadowhunters] clary/isabelle by candlelight (for happyg_rl)
Feb 27 March 1 - [tw/btvs] Dawn/Allison, childhood friends (for scorpiod1)
Feb 29 March 2 - [ stargirls] amy/clara/dawn - leave the burning car somewhere they can all see (for clockwork_hart1)

((the last time I tried to do a writing meme, it was back in April and failed miserably!? but also last February sparked some of my first and best long-fic projects so... let's just give this a go?))

i'll always hold your hand | gmw; riley/maya; 505w
one perfect moment | btvs; buffy/anya; 974w
every prophet has a sister (every witch is a priestess) | gg; jenny(/blair/vanessa); 2,114w
i can feel my name on your breath a million miles away | trc; everyone's a girl; 1364w
she said you were big enough to fill my heart, so i took the dare | btvs/tvd; dawn/elena; 1785w
pluck me from the air, find nourishment in me | dwho/100; clara/raven; 1427w
this silly little dance in the dark | btvs; willow/kennedy; 1126w
peter, don't you know what a kiss is? | btvs; illyria/dawn; 1,393w
she's the scary one | btvs; jenny/nikki; 2,654w
what's a crowd to a queen? | history; elizabeth/mary; 1,022w
it was never about you (everything is always about me) | hp; pansy/luna; 1,993

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