Kelsey (kwritten) wrote,

[icons] BtVS: Dawn Summers (2)

So.... instead of writing anything - I've made more icons. Please just comment if you want to take some - and feel free to edit or ask for an edit! Also please don't hotlink. (idk if this will actually be a problem, but I'd rather nip it in the bud before it begins.) All Dawnie this time! Images for the most part stolen from tumblr/google images (because my dvd's make for low-quality screencaps).

[27 in this batch total... so help me]080601 080602 080603

080605 080606080604
080607 080608 080609
080610 080611 080612
080613 080614 080615
080616 080617 080618
080619 080620 080621
080622 080623080625
080624 080201 080626

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last batch! I am trying to be a full-fledged human, but it is coming back to me in fits and starts. The icon-making is soothing, so I'll just keep at it until there's energy in my brain for writing again.

I love you all.
Tags: dawnie is my personal hero, dragon gold: icons, fandom is my girlfriend
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