Kelsey (kwritten) wrote,

[fic] behind the scenes in the Noona-verse 2/? (for Alex the First)

title: In which Spike meets Dean
fandom: Buffy, Infinite, Miss A, Supernatural
characters: Spike/Buffy, Dean/Bela
wordcount: ~???/33000+ {composing on a phone okay I'll fill this in later}
summary: One doesn’t grow up the sister of a warrior without learning a little bit about knowing who needs protection. One doesn’t grow up surrounded by knights of old without wanting a cause worth fighting for. see author's note
a/n: This ridiculously happy, fluffy verse started as just a drabble "what if Dawn crashed into one Kim Myungsoo on her first day at Sunnydale High just like Buffy smashed into Xander?" and spiraled into something lovely.  this chapter is actually a prologue (much like the cuddlefest posted for Lauren earlier this week) detailing a snippet: how the Summers met the Winchesters in the first place.


First, disclaimers.


one. I am typing this with my thumbs on my PHONE. so I'm sorry about typos in advance.


Two.  this verse presumes HAPPINESS. happiness of an almost ridiculous coffee shop au variety.


all I have kept from the SPN verse is that these characters exist, presume only up to Gen's Ruby. basically. except with a fully alive and happy Bela. .... okay just presume Ruby and Castiel exist and Bela is alive and forget everything else. ((why they are even here in a verse with sooooo too many characters as it is will be detailed later)) BtVS verse is consistent up until some point in season seven (no one but me knows what's going on with that so don't worry.)


three. do not be frightened by the kpop characters. for one, they won't be in this segment anyway. for two, they can be kindly read as OC's if you want honestly. same goes for the other characters. if you are midly familiar with any one 'verse, you should feel comfortable. (of course the setting is Sunnydale so BtVS knowledge adds more context, but some of my readers are not familiar with the buffyverse and get along fine.)


one last thing, the only reason why the Winchesters even snuck into this verse is because my brain fell in love with Faith/Ruby (/Sam) and then with the idea of Dean trying to out big-brother with Dawnie and her finding them all to be ridiculous.


Faith/Ruby is one of my more favorite femmeslash ships of the moment and I consequently added way more to a heavy verse in order to keep them involved and sassy and being adorable big sisters to derpy boys.


in conclusion, this verse is about happiness.


herein then, lies a more plausible reason why the Winchesters know the Summers in the first place. inspired and dedicated to Alexandra for putting the idea in my head. totally on accident.


this is entirely a pre-series drabble and one need not be familiar with the Noona verse to read it


Weddings for Hunters had a too-bright sort of deperate air to them. a certain feeling like the guests and all involved where racing against time that Buffy imagined must have been present at the rare, whispered Slayer wedding that Willow had reported reading about in a depressingly small and shunted aside volume of the Watcher Journals.


(For a few weeks afterwards, Willow lost herself in parades and protests and long meetings for gay rights activism, something burning bright in her eyes... until a battle with more blood and death on the line brought her back to the Magic Shop and then helplessness and an empty bed drove her away from her cause.)


Buffy shivered, though the reception was being held in a stuffy tent, outside, in the summer, in Bakersfield. A cool hand rested on her bare arm (slick with sweat) and an irritated voice intoned, "Bloody hell it's hotter than ... "


"Hell?" Buffy bit back a nervous laugh.


Spike, all cool muscle and white button down shirt and crooked smirk, whirled her onto the makeshift dance floor (that was occupied only by a few aging couples and children as far as Buffy could tell), "Dunno love, never been myself. Should probably call up Peaches, bet he knows a story or two that could make this place feel like winter in a fairy tale."


Before Buffy could retaliate or laugh or respond at all, they were pressed length to length and he was guiding her body across the floor like she was made of water, his hands on her back firm but sensual, his mouth on her ear, crooning out the words to a ridiculous Frank Sinatra cover as if it were a song he had written just for her.


Buffy relaxed into his hands and voice (he'd be punished later), for now she was content to be a girl swaying with her boyfriend on a dance floor at a wedding, rather than the unpaid bodyguard at a Hunter wedding.


Even if her boyfriend was a total dork. (She hummed off-tune along to the voice in his ear and tried not to contemplate just how ridiculous he was.... how ridiculous they were. .. oh well. weddings were all ahout fantasy anyway, right?)


*    *    *     *     *    *     *      *


Dean really probably should be fuming. Ellen had dragged him away from a case in Phoenix they had been working on to take care of a demon who had his eyes set on a Hunter and then ended up at a wedding. He had left Sammy and Bobby mid-case ans who knows what trouble they were in!


Thing is, Dean Winchester loved weddings.


"They could have bought a cake that dry at half the price," he whispered in Bela's ear. "I should tell them to get a refund."


Bela wrinkled her nose and took another huge bite of the offensive baked good, "Tastes fine to me!"


Dean snorted, "Tastes like a basic supermarket cake. Wouldn't be surprised if the bride is convinced his mom made it with her own two hands." He raised his eyebrows in what Bela hoped was mocked seriousness (but knew after the twenty minute lecture on proper wrapping of wedsing favors that there was nothing teasing or ironic in that look), "The mother in law always try to out do each other, that's why--"


"Come on babe let's dance."




But she had alrwady dragged him out to the dance floor, which was empty save one blonde couple swaying slowly, someone's great aunt dancing erratically to a beat only she could hear, and a herd of the under-14 crowd who were banned from the coctails by the adults and too young to be invited to the not-so-secret hideout behind the tent with the high school aged crowd and a stolen bottle of champagne.


Bela wrapped Dean's hands on her waist and curled her fingers up in the nape of his hair just as a terrible pop cover of "LOVE" began piping through the speakers.


Dean's eyes started to twinkle, he spun her around (nearly knocking them both over), then dipped her low to the ground while singing terribly off-key.


By the time the chorus had reached "V" she was laughing so hard she could hardly hold her balance as he sang louder and louder, crashing her around in a mock display of dancing.


"E! Is for!--"


"Excuse me mate--"


But that was all Bela heard of the angry British man's complaint before the demon hit the tent (a lower order beasty straight from another dimension, all green and slimy) and the crowd moved into action.


Beneath the roar of screams and fighting Bela could occasionally hear two male voices continuing to argue until a female voice rang out, "oh will you two SHUT UP!"


*    *     *    *    *    *     *


Later, in their hotel room, just next door to the blonde couple's ("Sammy you will not believe what their actual names are"), Belq found herself telling the Buffy girl all about her life as the younger woman carefully cared for a cut just above her eyebrow and found herself rather glad their boyfriends had chosen to make asses out of themselves, wresting like teenage boys after the demon was defeated, otherwise they may have just smiled politely and gone back to their lives.


(At one point they listened in to what their boys were talking about, but after hearing just "and did you see that bouquet?" "did you hear what they paid for it?" they went back to discussing proper feminine things and left their men to their manliness.)


hence a lifetime of hilarious double dates begin!

Tags: 0/10 lj friend, btvs is flawed, dawnie-noona 'verse, fandom is my girlfriend, fic composed on a phone, fic happens here, fic: au, fic: btvs, fic: spn, flist hearts, gotta be queen of something, iz shipper, real life meets the internets, rl is rude, ship: spuffy is a legitimate life choice, spn is about the ladies, what is my life?, writing is painful & magical
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