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[love exchange] Love Letter 2014

Back by popular demand!!! I really hope more people participate this year! And I promise to be a better mod in 2014!

Time to Ring in the New Year - Time to Love Exchange!

One thing that you love in exchange for one thing that someone else loves.
 It's a New Year's Resolution of Sharing and Exchanging Love and Squee.

(1) Comment below with your wishes::

  • I wish someone would watch [insert series or film here]

  • I wish someone would read [insert book here]

  • I wish someone would write [insert prompt here]

Optional: Write a letter to your flist, explaining your squee and emotes for the things you wish to share. This is your place to win people over without being too spoilery - to really tell everyone why you love the things you love and why you want to share them so much.
Or: you can take a look at my personal love exchange post from last year.

You can link to your love post in your comment on the main thread, if you wish. Just be sure that the letter is unlocked so that anyone who wishes to can read/see it.

(2) Troll the thread and start granting wishes.

Don't take on too much! Only take what you think you can legitimately accomplish this year! Don't stress yourself out trying to grant all the wishes that look interesting. A year is a long time - but this is supposed to be about love, not about anxiety!

Love Letter 2014


  • I wish someone would watch Hart of Dixie

I have been trying to get Alex to love this show by periodically slamming her with gifs and pics of my beloved Lemon Breeland, but I figure it's best to just let this be part of my Love Exchange so that everyone can become aware. Dixie is basically about Mystic Falls - if there was no supernatural element and everyone grew up exactly the way we anticipate we would- utterly human, utterly flawed, and utterly lovely. This is a feel-good show that is basically just about people who love each other too much to not periodically smash all over everyone's hearts. It's also about adulthood being tricky and complicated. And for Lemon especially - it's about all the best-laid plans not working, falling, crashing and burning, but still putting on your heels and pearls and your best Southern Belle Smile and getting through the day.
She is an inspiration.

  • I wish someone would watch The Brotherhood of the Wolf

It's a French film about werewolves alright. The imdb summary reads: In 18th century France, the Chevalier de Fronsac and his native American friend Mani are sent by the King to the Gevaudan province to investigate the killings of hundreds by a mysterious beast. It's one of my favorites and I think a lot of people on my flist will like it!

  • I wish someone would watch Boy Meets World

youcallitwinter I know watched this for the first time this year and I was hoping for a fandom resurgence? But there really wasn't one?! So now I'm saying: let's bring this back. And write all the fic and all the squee!

  • I wish someone would watch Lost Girl

It's absolutely ridiculous that the show about a succubus engaged in an open relationship with a werewolf and a doctor, solving crimes and being sassy with her mini-sidekick is NOT the hottest fandom-ticket item of the hour. Seriously fandom get it together.


  • I wish someone would read The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making by Catherynne Valente

Most incredible nostalgia-bomb of my life, serious. Valente is a precious human being and she somehow manages to completely capture the magic of the Oz books and combine that with a wonderful post-modernism that is somehow admiring of this world rather than cynical? But always, always cynical of adulthood and growing up. Written by a woman who surely grew up reading the Oz books and is now resentful of being an adult - so she wrote these books as an escape for all the other adults who feel the same way. It's just the most precious series.
(also the audiobook is done by Valente herself and is gorgeous)

  • I wish someone would read the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr

rosaxx50 convinced me to read this series earlier this year (and I consequently forced arsenic_lies to read them as well) and I will never, ever doubt her recommendations ever again. Seriously this series is full of love and the best ladies and the best ships! I don't even want to say anything about them because I don't want to spoil anything. Trust me - trust all three of us - this is the most remarkable, lovely thing that has happened to me this year. (Team Leslie forever.)
Niels is a gangster involved in a monogamous threesome with a married couple. He's evil and awful. He stalks people. He kills people. He also is a giant flirt - turning straight men bicurious everywhere he goes. This comic is love incarnate - with blood and gore thrown in. Not for the weak of heart, for anyone not interested in undertones of racial politics, or for anyone who is adverse to sexual promiscuity.
This was on my list last year - and I'm keeping it because Niels will never not be relevant.

This was my favorite album in 2012 - it's a rock opera about a shape-shifting stag whose mother is the Queen of the Forest and his pregnant human girlfriend gets kidnapped by a serial killer. THERE'S NOTHING NOT TO LOVE. The music is haunting and lovely and I love every bitty bit of it.
Nothing will ever compete with my love for RUSH - seriously nothing. And I can get the album uploaded for you if you want to take a listen. It's their most recent album--- a concept album that drummer Neil Pert actually wrote a novel to accompany it. It's basically a steampunk Carnivale feel. And it's lovely.
Really - if you want to listen to ANY Rush album I'll go over the moon with ecstatics and squee. I don't talk about my classic rock roots in fandom very often; but I've been a Rush fangirl since the womb. (My dad would put headphones on my mom's tummy and the story is that I would kick back if it was Rush. She tried a few times with 80's country music, but I wanted Rush even then.) (Surely this story is bullshit but I still love it.)


  • I wish everyone will write something in the Slayer Bang

  • I wish someone would write Dawn-centric fic for me (sans Xander) (sans guys at all)

  • I wish someone would write more cross-over lesbian fic

I really don't care about fandoms anymore - I just want more ladies loving ladies. Or more platonic ladies with ladies.

  • I wish we could have a Bechdel Test Ficathon sometime in 2014 - maybe after the Slayer Bangs are posted? That would be lovely.

  • I wish someone would write long-fic Pacific Rim-AU for any fandom


  • I wish someone would motivate me to hold my hand as I write my thesis... seriously. Woe.

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