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[random] when a thought just won't go away

I'm going to sink myself into Lost Girl's S2 finale and then then try to be productive.

But I just have had this bee in my bonnet for a really long time now and there's just no good way to get it out in any other way, so it is getting it's own post.

In my last watch of "Into the Woods" (which I try to avoid but with my Dawn project going, I feel like I can't skip anything just in case there's something interesting going on with her in the margins) I took this note down::

Riley says that "the world falls away" when he is with Buffy, as if he is special in feeling that way. It is proof to him that she does not love him the way he loves her. When they are dancing earlier in the episode, Buffy says she wants to put the night on repeat, that "all that's in the past now" - she physically sinks into Riley and allows the Reality of her dual lives to fade away. She actually takes the metaphor seriously and loses herself in the moment.

It's almost as if it's harder for Buffy to focus on all of her responsibilities when Riley is near - because she also feels like the world is falling away and there's just the comfort of HIM.

Which she would need to maintain for her own sake. The further she brings Riley into her pain - the less he is her escape.

Conclusion: way to be a big pile of dicks, Riley.

also - I haven't really been paying attention to all the shipper voting going on, but it turns out that I LITERALLY cannot vote in this round. I know to (my corner of) Buffy fandom, Spuffy is a dead ringer for the lead. But putting them against Klaine is...  I can't. I'm sorry. I was there from the beginning with Klaine - and their love is SO IMPORTANT. Throw stones if you like, but I can't choose between these two. Klaine is a safe haven for two boys who are abused, put down, bullied, hurt, broken, lonely, traumatized by the culture they live in. And I'm not saying that Spuffy isn't an interesting and complex love. But Klaine is (even right now with all it's growing pains and hurt) SUCH a positive example for teens of a loving, understanding, and supportive homosexual relationship. And that's super important to me. I am rooting for both sides right now. 
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